About BMW i8 – First of a New Era.

The BMW i8 unites in itself efficiency, innovation and sportiness. The combination of the BMW eDrive and the intelligent light weight construction are making the i8 into a true sportscar with hybrid drive. The BMW posesses two engines. A three-cylinder BMW Twin Power Turbo petrol engine with 1,5 liter capacity and 170kW/231PS at the rear axle and an electric motor with 96kW/131PS and a maximum torque of 250Nm over the front axel. Through this innovative and unique combination the i8 can reach a consumption of 2l/100km (113mpg) and on the other hand a maximum speed of 250km/h (155mph). As part of the overall concept BMW i the i8 conveys a new understanding of driving, where sustainability and pure driving please can complement on another perfectly.

On the following pages we would like to give you more to information on the conceptual and technical facts as well as aspects of the inspiring design of the BMW i8.

Read more on the following topics:

  • from concept to reality
  • technical details of the BMW i8
  • the engines of the BMW i8
  • lightweigth construction and security in the BMW i8
  • driving dynamics and assistance systems
  • used materials and sustainability
  • possible interior designs and individual designs of the BMW i8
  • the BMW i8 Remote App

Official BMW i8 Launch Video

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