Overview of upcoming events and drives

On this page we would like to present our coming events. The BMW i8 Club is organizing around two main club drives each year. One is usually about 2-3 days long and the other of a 1-1,5 day duration. One event will be held in the summer and the other in autumn. Other one day events will be organized inbetween. With just a few exceptions all events and drives are reserved for Club members. Please feel free to contact us for more information on any future events or drives with other BMW i8 owners.

Events and Drives:

Upcoming Day-Trips

  1. day trip in Bavaria (starting point Tegernsee Gmund) – Date FOLLOWS

2. day trip in Eichsfeld (starting point Göttingen Stadthalle, start time 10:00h -end approx. 15:00h) – Date FOLLOWS

  1. 2-day trip at the Mosel/Rhine from 3.9.-5.9.2021 (starting point around Wiesbaden, hotel etc. is still in planning)

Registration via Club office at info@bmw-i8.club.